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25th-Apr-2011 02:11 pm - on my feet on the floor good to go
Avez White
Ohhh mannn I'm excitedddd. I'ma be painting up the Emerald City Comic Con offices soon!!

So majOR.

I feel like I'm becoming almost a respectable artist again?? HAR HAR.


Oh wait this livejournal post should suffice. COME ON. Who even uses / takes livejournal seriously anymore? I'm not even serious right now, you guys. (I said "you guys" on the internet, I am referring to YOU ALL, THE INTERNET, specifically, so you know I'm serious). Stupid meandering LJ posts like this are seriously just another silly artform to me. I am currently drawing a buff fist in the form of this sentence, right here, right now. BAM

Although, I guess being attacked by Russian spies gives LJ some credibility.

Hey, don't doubt my credibility love toward LJ. My comic, Layered Jacket, the main character's initials "LJ" are IN FACT INDEED a loving affectation to this old site of documentation I love so well. Rolls off the tongue!

People have real diaries still! One of my best buds LUDROE has a diary! My diary has always been this site. So whateve.

Anyway, gotta go into pro-mode for this one. I know how to paint walls right? OH FUCK YEAH OF COURSE I DO. I'ma get my david choe on. All about yellow underpaint sketchlines, biyatches. Gonna need some magnums, phat paint pens, lots of red & yellow.......

I'ma do ir proper. 4 sho

What characters should I put on it? I think there will be four murals of varying size in total.

I'm thinkging............. Sharknife (YEEEP), Iron Man, Shadowhawk, THE MAXX, Scott Pilgrim.... SEXICA? I need a girl, so ya. Sex.

Prolly Wolverine, of course...

I wonder if video game characters will be appropriate. I'm sure a Mare Odomo-style ASH would be a cute fit.

OOO gotta get my MANG-ON, too. GOKU, for sure? Maybe he's a bit too obvious. Seeing Goku anymore, sad as it is, is like seeing Mickey Mouse or Ronald MacDonald. Which isn't a wholly BAD thing. I still fucking love Mickey, and Ronald... Ronald is ok. Sure. He has a red afro. Good chara dezigns. But ya, Goku is both a symbol of WORLD-CLASS QUALITY, but also a symbol of uhhh world-class selling out? Though I also don't consider "selling out" to be an insult. Unless you think being rich & provided-for based on your skills is an insult.

What solid manga character should I use?


LIGHT from DEATH NOTE???? That'd be kinda subtle and awesome.

NARUTO??? Still borderline Goku.


and excited for OTHER THINGS
24th-Mar-2011 10:57 pm - TANDEM BREAKAH
Avez White
Hey SSSSUUPP!!! It has been a minute-- I have been up to a LOT since last post.

LJ2 Print

First of all, I managed to finish Layered Jacket #2: Space Drugs in time for Emerald City Comic Con earlier this month. It was a great time, and am happy to have met many of you!


The book turned out fantastic. I tout it as my "most pure comics project" to date. Meaning, I just had a blast with it, start to finish, pure base emotion and enjoyment.

The 28-page book is printed on CHERRY paper, and comes in two different cover colors-- MINTBERRY CRUNCH (a neon green) and SUPER BERRY (a bright red).


It has a double reversible cover, and also features some of my ZUBIES autobio comics, and the first ever print iteration of TIGERLILY.

Finally, but not least about LJ2; it has been nominated for the Stumptown Comics Best Small Press Award! Very stoked about that. Some sites cite the first Layered Jacket as what is up for nomination, but I believe it's actually the 2nd one. Maybe a combination of the two? They both technically came out within the last year.

Anyway, if you'd like to vote up Layered Jacket for the award, you can do so here! It would be much appreciated :]


  • SEEDLESS, my online comic about Space Grape Warriors from Outer Space started re-serializing recently!

    SADLY, just 5 or so strips in-- I've recently hit a HITCH (meaning, I am bogged down with work), so Seedless Season 2 is on a bit of a break 'til-- let's say MAY. I know, I know, kinda sux. But I gotta do what I gotta do, and I promise the grapes will return with vigor! Anyway, check out what's there so far, to get an idea where the series is going! And as always, the first book is available in all it's candy-coated full-color glory!


  • As part of my time wasting, I mean, PRACTICE... I have drawn a couple me-versions of a couple super heroes:




    Wonder Womanzz


  • Here are a bunch of girl drawings I made recently......!!!!



    Silk Queen

    That last one is on a reversible Postcard Print I made recently, with Batwing Girl on the other side.

    *** The Postcard Prints, and copies of LAYERED JACKET 1 & 2 will be available online soon. Please stay tuned for when that will happen. AND, if you are one of the few people who are still owed Layered Jacket from the original print run, go ahead and email me (at right) if you've changed address or anything, otherwise, yours will be sent out SOON! Sorry for the hassle ^^;;;;;;;;;;


  • ███████████████░ 99%

    18th-Mar-2011 11:44 pm - vg rant
    Avez White

    Jill valentine looks dumb. Why did they make Jill Valentine all ninja badass all of a sudden? I know that was her "role" in RE5, but, shit, now that I see more of this (and Whesker, too) I'm starting to think 5 was a shitty game CHARACTER DESIGN-wise. Wesker is dumb as shit in his complete Matrix makeover (classic wesker in just a black swat suit with shades is way better xInfinity) and making jill a stupid mindless jump-kick, speedy badass wouldn't be so bad, if she didn't look/act/seem EXACTLY LIKE BLACK WIDOW, a marvel character that was just in a huge big budget movie, played by one of the sexiest actress alive, who should BE IN THIS GAME, TOO. srsly i was just watching the jill trailer and i was like "hey its kinda like black widow is in this gameOH WAIT BLACK WIDOW SHOULD BE IN THIS GAME BUT SHE CANT NOW COZ NEW STUPID SOULLESS JILL FORMERLY KNOWN AS VALENTINE IS IN IT INSTEAD". They shoulda just ported Jill's sprite (3D rendered, of course) from MVC2. With the zombies that walk out and Tyrant and all dat shit. The STARS version of Jill. or at least, for fucks sake, her miniskirt version from RE3???

    i mean, are capcom confused? are we gonna see a GD vs game with MILLA JOVOVICH in it sometime soon? actually... that wouldn't be so bad. except that it would be shitty.

    On that note, what is WITH Resident Evil, story-wise, anymore, anyway? BSAA? Blah blah what? that shit leon was part of? wtf HAPPENED to "STARS"?! I know, based on the storyline, they were disbanded for some dumb reasons? to like, protect themselves? it doesn't matter, STARS should be back. it was the shit. in RE3 when NEMESIS would hunt you down just muttering "STAAARRRSSS" alla time. that was bomb. now imagine him moaning... "B... S... A... A..." pfft. it looks almost cool in type but it would not be cool.

    So ya, MVC3 DLC characters = DISAPPOINT. shuma gorath doesn't look very cool, either.

    here's hoping they bring STRIDER back. and like, for fuck's sake capcom, BUY OUT the dude who has the strider copyrights or whatever and MAKE A NEW STRIDER GAME with no RED TAPE.


    i promise i won't even modify strider's character design coz he's basically a flawless character.

    still, i love you capcom forever. i'm stern because i love.

    oh ya, and in the end, MVC3 is still the shit, and i play it the most of any video game currently. so don't be fooled about that. it is a great game.

    i haven't used this LJ in almost a month and all i talk about is video game?

    i have a lot of awesome stuff i'd like to say, regarding comics and everything. i need to get it all out in one post tho. stay tun'd
    21st-Feb-2011 05:35 pm - SHONEN BOY'S ENERGY FROM AMERICA
    Avez White

    Guess it always has been, but y'know, I had to grow into it.

    Now my fucking EXISTENCE IS CLEAR.

    I just want to see global accessible comics like Dragon Ball, etc, being made in America (or the West in general-- or just, y'know, in places outside of Asia). And specifically, yes, I want them to be young characters, similar to super-heroes, but with creative powers / transformations instead of spandex. There are many specifics to the SHONEN feel, and I feel many talents emerging who are in line with those ideals. Sincere epic-ness & iconic marketable creator-owned characters not ending in "-MAN".

    It's on. Someday, I WILL BE HOKAGE!!!!!!
    20th-Feb-2011 05:34 am - ra rara
    Avez White
    Laying out LAyered JAcket number 2. It could turn out to be my coolest self-published thing yet. I have 4 pages for it drawn. It's 14 pages total, so I have ten pages to draw in about a week, leaving time to print it up! For Emerald City Con! I think I can do it... The first LJ was all about using brush pen and ink washes, which was more "experimental". This one uses microns (bigger ones, 5 and 8 mostly), and I'll probably us halftones on it this time, instead of natural washes. I'm really feeling halftones lately, and have been doing some crazy ones in Sharknife 2. So anyway, I can potentially be fast about it... I drew the first four pages in 2 days or something, and there's some elaborate shit in them. Most the rest the story takes place in SPACE, so, like, space is easy to draw. I need to perfect my CARL SAGAN caricature, though. CURIOUS?? Just wait til you see this one.

    I feel like LJ 1 was me just kind of venting some pent-up "for fun" comics desire-- The 2nd one is more of that, too, but has a weird clear-er message.

    I have also mentioned probably that I also started SEEDLESS BOOK 2 online and have been serializing it weekly again for about a month now? Going all-digital on this one, and I think it's working in favor of it. I dunno, I used to draw Seedless more in conjunction with Pink Gorilla, and was even paid for it, for a time, but now it's back to being pro-bono, more about just making a fun story. Though, that's what I did the first time, but at times it did feel like "work". Anyway, it also helps that the first book is out, and it's something real I can believe in. So far, the responses to New Seedless have been positive, I think people are seeing some new-ish stuff that they maybe didn't expect-- and I'm trying to ramp up the pacing of the story quickly, to get into some shit that I think will be even more unexpected!

    The first book was like "hey! wacky adventures! power-ups! etc!" this new one has a pretty clear story, with lots of twists and multiple plot-lines, so I'm excited to be getting into it.

    So, LJ2, Seedless 2, and damn man, Sharknife 2. This is the year of twos for me. Sequels. I feel like I've had the ultimate case of "sophomore slump" (a term I heard recently, and instantly identified with)-- Which I am now killing off.

    Oh yeah, so... Thinking about putting a Sharknife 2 preview in LJ2, actually. The first chapter is kind of a stand-alone story thing, so, i think that might be sweet. It's like 19 pages. The main LJ story is 14, and I was gonna include my new Zubies, which are 6. Which is 39 pages total. Also considering design / filling pages / reviews, it'd prolly be more like 45 pages. First one was 20. Is that too much??? I'm not worried about the task, but mebbe that'll kill my monies.

    I kind of havent been worrying about money at all lately coz I have a stupid (but awesome) part-time waiter job I only work 3 days a week at and every night I rake in at LEAST $60 in cash tips (more like $90 on average), and I also get a paycheck every two weeks. It like blows my mind that someone just keeps feeding me money constantly. Besides RENT, that all goes toward accommodating my artistic needs / path. So any print run between $300-$400 doesn't rattle me too much.... Shit with re-printing LJ#1, it'll prolly be more like $500 tho. If I do a solid run. BALLZ

    I also have to pay for my portion of the table (which is being gifted to me by a dear friend, Leonard Wong), and I'm thinking of making postcards / prints. Which would cost me X amount, again.

    Damn cons. Damn xpensive.

    And it's like, I wanna make LJ2 and shit, not for a profit or anything, just to set my own benchmarks.

    But It'd be nice to cover my expenses. I prolly can. I have copies of Seedless now, too. Rad.

    Fully plan on having a huge preview packet (or 2) of Sharknife Double Z, as well. I won't be showing the last few chapters, but the rest will be on displayyyyyyyyyyyy.

    Oh, and I've decided on my next project. It's kinda sweet. It'll be a 1-shot. It's not PENG or anything you've ever heard of before. I have a clever idea for introducing the new project to the world, so, world, you will see that when the time is right. Dunno how possible it really is, but it'd be nice to make it, and get it out within this year as well.

    28th-Jan-2011 05:15 pm - Megaman Tribute
    Avez White
    My Megaman Tribute picture for Udon's Megaman Tribute book. I hope it makes the cut! I've been in both Street Fighter and Darkstalkers tribute books so far, so I'm confident.


    Megaman is to video games as Dragon Ball is to comics/manga for me. He may not always stick in my mind as the most unique concept ever, but he's ever-dependable at always being one of my most trusted and favorite creations.

    Everything in life should be as simple as Mega Man. Get through a level, fight the boss, use the bosses power against other bosses weak points. After you've defeated all obstacles, face them all again in succession, then take down your biggest obstacle ever.


    Here's my Street Fighter Tribute:


    And Darkstalkers:

    26th-Jan-2011 01:18 pm - ***** *** * ******
    Avez White
    The last couple WEEEEEKS





    Scott's Number

    Scott P


    And finally-- My online comic about space grapes is BAAAAAAACK!!!!!! Click the image below to check er out. It will be updated weekly, as was the original arc. I may NOT post about every single update tho, you'll just have to remember. I'll more likely just post when each new chapter starts, so's not to over-saturate.


    10th-Jan-2011 04:16 am - Stare and blood tongues
    Avez White

    Have been lettering SHARKNIFE 2 like crazy (WRPING ITUP)-- and as "breaks" i've been banging out these little auto bio comic doodles:

    And I made this randomly today… Really getting into making all-digital stuff. Going for a cutesy Junko Mizuno vibe:

    Again, plz follow my Sunbakerey Tumblr for constant new updates & art. It's my new fav blog platform.

    I also have one for just inspiring stuff: Moonbakerey.

    If you have a Tumblr, or know of super rad inspiring Tumblrs, please share! I will see about following…

    My buddy Harvey James recently showed me a Layered Jacket fanart he did. Its so good!!!

    He included such nice details like the Samurai Sword, the shark & the little girl's shoe! So great, that Mr. Harvey.

    And now

    30th-Dec-2010 03:25 pm - 2 0 1 0
    Avez White

    It's been a pretty good year. Let's recap:

    - It started off with me getting my own art studio right down the street. It was pretty rad having two separate places to go to to produce artwork. Also, I felt like a big time "land owner" on Capitol Hill (probably the coolest neighborhood in Seattle). So that was nice. I was temporarily rich from having done two Marvel shorts, and two Nickelodeon shorts, as well. So I thoroughly lived it up.

    - During the STUDIO TIME I also had my first "real" solo art show downtown at the amazing BAUHAUS coffee shop. Not just a coffee shop, it's one of the classiest spaces in the city. I must say, my work looked rad up inz.

    - Producing the paintings for the show, I also put my new Macbook Pro laptop to good use, creating footage of me making paintings in real time. Also random coverage of comic conventions, and trailers for my online comic Seedless. FUN STUFF! http://www.youtube.com/user/reyyyyy

    - I also spent much of this year getting much better at guitar. Again, putting my laptop to use, I recorded various songs. They don't really reflect my "much betterness" at guitar, but I still like em: http://reyyy.com/dinosongs/ ***hm the flash player i used for the songs appears to be broken??? mebbe ill fix later. anyway you get the point


    - As mentioned before, I did two shorts for both Marvel and Nickelodeon. I think those qualify as late 2009 endeavors, but they were rad regardless. Unfortunately, the cancelling of Nickelodeon Magazine means you'll probably never see the Avatar shorts I did ;;;____;;; but it was GREAT getting into the world of Avatar, and discovering that wellspring of inspiration. As for being a part of MARVEL-- well, it's the little kid dream I always hoped it was. The diehard fans aint necessarily ready for my MANGA style yet-- but it was rad drawing some of the young X-Men characters in a Ranma 1/2 style ;]

    - My first creator-owned published project in years hit the stands-- SEEDLESS. Not only that, it's my first full-color printed work, and first project with Image comics. It was great to collect the story, and I've heard positive feedback from it. As far as I care, It's the finest comic about sentient grape warriors from another planet out there. http://www.amazon.com/Seedless-OGN-Corey-Lewis/dp/1607063018/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1293749634&sr=8-2

    - Also did my first self-published comic in a while-- LAYERED JACKET-- which was also met with positive reviews. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p39bu9-Rtes


    I was able to milk the studio for all it was worth. Staying there for extended periods. I absorbed the entire LOST series while working there. It was also a great launch point for get togethers, parties, festivals, etc. What a great night it was when Jfish and his entire crew rolled in, and Abe's crazy dog bit me, shedding BLOOD. Rad.

    Oh, also, having Brandon Graham, Moritat and Barnaby Ward hang out there was good timez. The bottle Brandon pissed in is probably still there somewhere.

    Bottle pissing was the only resort, as there was no real bathroom. I became a master of dickfucking gatorade bottles.

    I'll never forget the sun drenched day the Capitol Hill Block Party (with MGMT, Dead Weather, etc) occured mere blocks from my studio. My friend Abe and I got appropriately crunk at the studio, and returned often for refills amongst the festivious enjoyment. Kings of the worlds, we are.

    I'd walk home in the dank hours of the morning night with a feeling of pride-- I said to myself "besides a graphics tablet-- this is the finest extreneous art purchase I've ever made", in regard to the studio. it WAS truly grand.

    Halfway through the year though, a change occurred.

    I could no longer afford the studio, so had to give it up. It's all good though, coz like clockwork, I miraculously attained a job as a SERVER at a Thai restaurant. In this economy, in this city, that is a miracle stroke.

    Also, the winter hit, and I no longer desired to BE at a cold, underground studio to produce artwork. So I'm fine being in my warm home for this season of art production.

    Also, not having to pay two rents, while also making money upon money, is quite helpful.


    Many adventures hath occurred. I can't remember them all. Many new people met. Again, can't remember them all.


    Also, a semi-return to the COMIC CON CIRCUIT for me. I'm still baffled by people who "career con" (meaning, people who like never miss one ever). I'm of the thought that an appearance at a convention is like a theatrical endeavor. and I like to scarcify myself by not being at all of them. BUT, as I hadn't had any new material out for a while, I missed a couple years of like ALL the cons. I hardly even "got" how to do it anymore. But attending these two conventions, was like putting on a comfy old pair of shoes.

    Emerald City Comic Con (here in seattle) was amazing. Layered Jacket debuted there.

    And the Penny Arcade Expo (also here in seattle) was equally amazing. I had copies of Seedless & Layered Jacket. Adam from Attract Mode had GORGEOUS prints of my Street Fighter and Darkstalkers tribute pictures, that sold reasonably. I also sat next to Anamanaguchi for the whole weekend, skirting the fact that I'm their sugar daddy's bastard child. Anyway, I went to a party at their hotel room, good tiemz.



    But now I'm 95% done with Sharknife 2. This last 5% is no breeze, either. But damn, shit is real.



    - LA ROUX!
    - Getting way into Lady Gaga
    - JAGUAR LOVE! (hologram jams)
    - MAD RAD (is mad decent-- though kinda douchey)
    - New Gorillaz (plastic beach) was amazing. What's with the NEW new album? Just some B-sides Alburn decided to label as "gorillaz"? be serious!
    - RADITUDE being the best Weezer album since Pinkerton.
    - TRON soundtrack (specifically "DEREZZED") conjuring inspiration within me 50x superior than the actual TRON movie.
    - SOCIAL NETWORK soundtrack
    - Blue Scholars still tearing it up. Represent B-town / Seattle / Pinoy Pride brahs

    *** Note, these lists are in context to when *I* played them, not when the game came out****
    - Batman Arkham Asylum-- finally played this. Totally blown away.
    - DEAD SPACE -- what a fine game.
    - WORMS -- it's all my and my bros play when we wanna bro down
    - VANQUISH -- best game featuring endless powerslides and time-slowing ever
    - LIMBO - what a quaint and challenging game. beat it at my friend's house

    - my pals comics slaying ass: king city, scott p & orc stain primarily. kicking me clear in the balls, informing me to CATCH UP.
    - UHHHH…….
    - GANTZ
    a lot of fun movies have come out this year, and there's a couple i still really want to see (the fighter, black swan). there were also a couple highly touted that get a "meh" from me (tron, true grit)
    - However, the finest, most unexpectedly RAD & INSPIRING film of 2010 was:

    1 2 7 H O U R S

    fantastic movie.


    *j/k i'll prolly redbox it soon. IT'S JUST... DUNNO IF IM READY


    As far as further random stuff: got my site optimized with wordpress. Twittering has been fun. Started a FB fan page, nice. Started two tumblrs, the latter of which has been vastly more successful / fun and featuring the return of the Skeletal Scarf Ninja Clan.

    That's pretty much it. Good, full year. Started as a wealthy land-owning art lord. Currently working a peaceful zen-like grind, making the $$$ and finishing projects. Geared up to start the NEW shit once this shit is done. Confident I'm going to F U C K some shit up.

    Thanks 2010, you were guud.
    23rd-Dec-2010 03:57 pm - MERRY X-MANZ 2: X-FACTORNATOR
    Avez White
    Thanks everybody for the feedback. I now have the data stored in privates!!!
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