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My boy 
22nd-Mar-2013 01:42 am
Avez White
So today I drew this drawing that i drew ten years ago. One of the first Sharknife drawings ever THIS ONE:

Redrawn 10 years later:

This one was also drawn 100% digital (and you can watch it get drawn right here in real time, baby)

And it got me to thinking... Just a year or two ago, I was still very stifled by Sharknife 2 taking so long being the bane of my existence. People might not realize, but I kind of started to HATE Sharknife, my own character, because of it. (I mean, I always liked the character, but I despised myself / the situation because of how bad I was fucking it over)

But now... Looking at these two drawings, and the number of years that've passed between them-- WELL DAMN IF I DON'T FEEL SATISFIED / VINDICATED

Making shit is hard, but it's the end result that matters. After all the SHIT, there is now a Sharknife Double Z book out there for anyone to absorb. And that iz 4eva.

Not only that, but after much nurturing and careful coddling-- I'm back to adoring my character, the way he deserves.

Just a year or two ago, Sharknife was beginning to feel like a source of SHAME for me (FUCK THAT)-- Now I'm fully back to feeling a strong sense of pride when I look at him. I have YET to fully crack the Sharknife code-- obvoiusly the Second book was a toughy-- the third volume is shaping up to be very fun, but it's still more of a "transitional" book. I personally want Sharknife to break it's own glass ceiling, and there are glimpses of that in Sharknife 3.

Sharknife's true power has yet to be realized. I am ECSTATIC to realize it. It will happen.

NOW-- just because I say that, don't get all pissed off / confused when I focus my efforts on other, brand-new projects in the immediate future (WHICH I WILL BE DOING) -- as I mentioned earlier, it's taken a lot of nurturing and coddling to get Sharknife back to a respectable place in my mind / and his own story (it's a tough nut to crack) -- Sharknife 3 development is very much underway-- but I have a strong urge to tell more focused, short, start-to-finish stories ASAP. For my own benefit, to become a better writer, and to eventually accomodate SHARKNIFE the way he truly needs to be displayed to the world.

5th-Jul-2013 09:36 pm (UTC)
Oh mygosh. Livejournal.

This was an awesome post, and I think the new drawing is especially beautiful. It looks so PURE.
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