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i very recently lost my laptop's hard drive, which had a lot of art on it and current projects, writings, ideas, scripts, etc. it was pretty scary, harsh, shitty. made me feel really weird

but i can admit now that it was actually a good thing. i think i had been growing complacent-- and having a "near death" experience with my art has jostled me to being more aggressive with it, once again. reclaiming the fire i initially had when i started making comics

i've already rebuilt 80% of the most important "almost lost" project, my kickstarted comic art book magazine SUN BAKERY

that was a huge blow. but to re-iterate, it is being salvaged. backed up on 2 hard drives, and google drive, now. even better; it's even better. you know me, i jump into projects sometimes [ALL THE TIME] without completely thinking them through-- but, after basically 2 massive revisions, [and just about a year] we are on a 3rd rebuild of the book, and it's definitely the best it's been / READY FOR YOU

so yeah, shit was getting weird and harsh-- but i am reborn, man

and it's good for me to SCREAM


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My boy

So today I drew this drawing that i drew ten years ago. One of the first Sharknife drawings ever THIS ONE:

Redrawn 10 years later:

This one was also drawn 100% digital (and you can watch it get drawn right here in real time, baby)

And it got me to thinking... Just a year or two ago, I was still very stifled by Sharknife 2 taking so long being the bane of my existence. People might not realize, but I kind of started to HATE Sharknife, my own character, because of it. (I mean, I always liked the character, but I despised myself / the situation because of how bad I was fucking it over)

But now... Looking at these two drawings, and the number of years that've passed between them-- WELL DAMN IF I DON'T FEEL SATISFIED / VINDICATED

Making shit is hard, but it's the end result that matters. After all the SHIT, there is now a Sharknife Double Z book out there for anyone to absorb. And that iz 4eva.

Not only that, but after much nurturing and careful coddling-- I'm back to adoring my character, the way he deserves.

Just a year or two ago, Sharknife was beginning to feel like a source of SHAME for me (FUCK THAT)-- Now I'm fully back to feeling a strong sense of pride when I look at him. I have YET to fully crack the Sharknife code-- obvoiusly the Second book was a toughy-- the third volume is shaping up to be very fun, but it's still more of a "transitional" book. I personally want Sharknife to break it's own glass ceiling, and there are glimpses of that in Sharknife 3.

Sharknife's true power has yet to be realized. I am ECSTATIC to realize it. It will happen.

NOW-- just because I say that, don't get all pissed off / confused when I focus my efforts on other, brand-new projects in the immediate future (WHICH I WILL BE DOING) -- as I mentioned earlier, it's taken a lot of nurturing and coddling to get Sharknife back to a respectable place in my mind / and his own story (it's a tough nut to crack) -- Sharknife 3 development is very much underway-- but I have a strong urge to tell more focused, short, start-to-finish stories ASAP. For my own benefit, to become a better writer, and to eventually accomodate SHARKNIFE the way he truly needs to be displayed to the world.

Avez White



"I caught ur fist. Aren't I badazz?"

SO THE ANTICIPATION PROGRESSION FOR "DARK KNIGHT RISES" the 3rd in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy went something like this:

- The title. "Dark Knight.... RISES?" "That's the same name as the last film but with... another word."

- The villain. People speculated about a lot of cool stuff including Philip Seymore Hoffman as the Penguin, inclusion of the Riddler, or even Dr. Hugo Strange. Instead we got BANE. "BANE.... really?"

- Anne Hathaway as a Catwoman that barely resembles Catwoman. "Hmmm..." sayz everyone.

SO... with all that uneasy anticipation, how did the final product turn out? WELL I DUNNO WHAT TO TELL YOU GUYS, but I think our worries were warranted.

I caught the opening 10 minute prelude thingy half a year ago when it surfaced on the internet and I was blown away. I pretty much thought that opening with the airplane hijacking was cooler than anything in Inception, and that's saying a lot.


Sadly, the movie never reaches those kind of heights (literally or metaphorically) again.

SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM with "RISES"? I think it has to do with Nolan himself. This director is one, despite having crazy innovative ideas, his style is very "grounded" and "based in reality"... And in this case, it did not work in his favor at all.

There are two things RISES SORELY lacked (even compared to the first two films); a couple buzzwords I'm gonna throw out there, but then explain what they mean: "STANK" and "SWAGGER".

Fig. 1: "STANK"

See: BATMAN BEGINS. Remember that part where Batman infiltrates The Scarecrow, grabs his Fear Poison thingy, snarls "TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE, DOCTOR." then shoots it in his face. Right after that, BATMAN (through Scarecrows eyes) is an ALL BLACK DEMON, GUSHING BLACK SINEW FROM HIS MOUTH, SNARLING LIKE A GODDAMN DEMIGOD.


That, my friends, is STANKY. That is some high-grade STANK right there... Coming from a director who is mostly chill and laid back. That scene stuck out to me INSTANTLY after I saw Begins for the first time, and solidified it as a unique Batman experience (along with all the great performances, solid origin story, etc).

Fig 2. "SWAGGER"

See: THE DARK KNIGHT. Swagger is abundant throughout DARK KNIGHT. In fact, I'd argue that the movie is PURE SWAGGER from start to finish. But for a LITERAL EXAMPLE of the swagger, simply examine THE JOKER. Heath Ledger's performance was nothing but swagger and genocide.

Even Julia Roberts' cray cray brother had swagger in DARK KNIGHT

NOTHING in The Dark Knight Rises displays anything remotely close to those aforementioned levels of STANK or SWAGGER.

And when it comes to BATMAN. Despite however "REALISTIC" you want to interpret him-- DUDE'S GOTTA HAVE AT LEAST ONE OF THOSE TWO THINGS. He is a COSTUMED COMIC BOOK CHARACTER after all.

What was the Batman in RISES like? I don't really remember... He's in like two scenes. I could tell you the entire character armature of BLAKE WHATSHISFACE (Joseph Gordon Levitt) coz clearly Nolan has a thing for JGL, as he seems to be in the film FAR MORE than Bruce Wayne OR Batman.

The Joseph Gordon Levitt Rises

All I can fairly say about Batman himself in this movie, is that he's pretty much a pussy.

After DARK KNIGHT, I THOUGHT we'd get a look at Batman being a vigilante truly hunted by the cops while still cleaning up his city. Instead, right after the DENT fiasco, he was just like "Eh. Guess I'll give up crime fighting! They have DOGS, Alfred!" flash forward to 8 years later, Bruce Wayne is totally uninteresting, and remains that way for the whole film-- and subsequently, so does Batman. He gets his ass kicked a lot, comes back, then punches BANE in his OBVIOUS WEAKPOINT then like, that's it (well, save for the incredibly shitty ending-- but I'll get to that).

How about his gadgets? There's one gadget (the Paparazzi Nullifier) that was one of the film's ONLY laughs (oh ya, in case u didn't know already-- this movie is WAY TOO FUCKING SELF-RIGHTEOUS). Then like, a bigger version of that I guess? The light gun thingy he shoots at a motorcycle?

"plz don't bother me I'm shooting @ ducks"

When I saw DARK KNIGHT, I thought his putty explosive gun was kinda silly (and he used it in like 4 scenes!)-- But that gadget is like totally badass and functional. After the LIGHT GUN in Rises, I fully embrace the Putty Gun.

How about "THE BAT", Batman's new flying machine? Alright. When we first saw The Tumbler in 2004 or whatever-- most people groaned that it didn't look ANYTHING like the Batmobile (myself included). But when the movie came out, we got to see it's raw, beast like stealth power (sure, a FIN or something really couldn't have hurt it's BATMAN-ness-- but whatever). Then in DARK KNIGHT we still had the Tumbler, and eventually the "Batpod" (which I think is the shittiest name for any superhero vehicle ever). Honestly I was never that stoked about the Batpod, but the overall badassness of DARK KNIGHT glossed over any uncertainties I had about that silly looking, Ninja Turtles-esque motorbike (and he DID take out a Semi-Truck with it so right on Batpod).

stylin' bro

WELL, Nolan's subdued, weird taste in technology comes full circle with "THE BAT". Our initial fears about the Tumbler are fully realized in this silly piece of equipment. It's completely gaudy, bland, un-creative, and OVERPOWERED. Batman depends on this thing like 6 times in the movie. Further, for me at least, it really put a dent in Nolans "grounded in reality" motif of Batman. How the fuck does this thing work... Sure, Luscious Fox said a couple fancy words about it... But I dunno.

I feel like the reliance and BLANDNESS of "THE BAT" is reflective of all that is wrong with the film itself.

Remember that part in the original 80's Batman where he flies his Batwing in front of the moon, signifying that he's about to tear some ass? That, to me, is one of the definitive images of the original Batman movies, and of Batman himself. Imagine if you tried that with "THE BAT". That hypothetical image over the moon, is pretty much how this whole movie feels. Clunky and complicated like some rorschach nobody asked for and VERY NOT BATMAN.

you won't see anything this iconic in RISES

While we're on the notion of his gadgets, let's talk his SUIT.

I'm a fan of the original Batman Begins suit. Christian Bale himself even commented on the PANTHER-LIKE quality the hulking cowl had. Once again, Nolan's "function over form" got in the way in DARK KNIGHT, when Batman was given a new suit that looks more like a spraypainted black motocross suit than something a DEMONIC AVENGER OF THE NIGHT would wear. So yeah, after that, Batman can move his NECK now (YAY I GUESS) so he starts swiveling his neck around like a valley girl all over the place. NBD tho, as that movie, again, was pure awesome.

still the king

I held out hope that PERHAPS Batman would be given a new suit in this one. NOPE. Chris Nolan could really give a fuck about appeasing "fanboy" notions, so-- GEE, OF COURSE, WHY WOULD BATMAN have a new suit?? Listen, come on, it's just like-- STANDARD. NEW MOVIE = NEW SUIT. Make some shit up. Luscious Fox coulda been working on some new prototype IN CASE Batman ever came back? Something like that? Anyway, the same-ol MOTOCROSS SUIT in RISES is, to me, worn out and lazy. Say what you will about Joel Schumacher, but Val Kilmer's original batsuit in FOREVER is FUCKING BADASS. (SEE ALSO: KEATON'S BATSUIT = BADASS). Giving Batman a new suit or SOMETHING (besides "THE BAT") would've given me a reason to cheer... Instead, there are literally no cheer-worthy scenes / moments in this movie.

Man is this film bleak. Just, man. So stark and STERILE. Seriously, the locales, emotions and storylines have about as much appeal as a doctor's office.

Before I get into the ENDING, let's talk about one thing that WAS surprisingly entertaining in this movie: CATWOMAN! (or "The Cat" or whoever the fuck she's sposed to be in NOLAN-VERSE) Anne Hathaway totally held her own, was slinky, sexy, smart & powerful. Her scenes were by far the most entertaining in the movie. Cat-Kudos to her.

me owwwww

Bane? He's a fucking bald dude in a mask. He's literally of no interest. Sure, Heath's Joker is a tough act to follow.... But man.... Bane. YEP, that was a shitty choice. And Talia Algul? WAY TO DENY SHE'Z IN THE MOVIE, NOLAN. It was so goddamn obvious.


It absolutely baffles me that people are claiming the ending was "powerful". What the fuck? By this time, I was ready to completely dismiss the movie as a total failure if they ACTUALLY KILLED BATMAN.


BUT, they didn't even have the balls to do that.

The ending is similar to anything you'd see in any 80's action movie. Dude grabs bomb, flies away with it, seemingly dies, but actually doesn't. lol

I mean, in the ending, Batman LITERALLY flew off into the SUNSET, followed quickly and unceremoniously by a seemingly STOCK FOOTAGE shot of a mushroom cloud. COME ON, that is LAUGHABLE. And apparently he like, jumped out of The Bat before it exploded? So he swam to safety? What an unheroic image of Batman, jumping and swimming to safety, to secretly escape away to Paris to bone Catwoman. Inspiring. I am inspired. ((((SARCASM))))

You wanna cite a powerful ending? Look at The AVENGERS, which had a very similar thing happening, but the way it was executed was far more awesome. Tony Stark proved to everyone he wasn't just a self-centered playboy, saved New York and obliterated an alien hoarde all in one heroic stroke. THAT IS HEROISM. **THAT** is why these movies transcend. Not some post-911 political message, just an evoking of the human spirit we all strive to be like.

So, apart from the laughable ending, there's a lot more unintentional comedy in RISES. The little pube boy singing the national anthem? Everyone in the theatre was holding back chortles. I'm pretty sure at one point a character said of Bane "He learned to heal". SMASHING DIALOGUE LOLLL!!! And SO many long, awkward, silent parts in the movie, too. I was so tempted to just let a nice juicy fart go during those parts, to give the audience a much-needed jolt of entertainment.

MEH. So there you have it. ABSOLUTELY the weakest of Nolan's 3 Batman films. No contest. Fact.

But was it actually terribly SHITTY? Nah. It still.... "did the job" I guess. One review I read said they felt that Nolan (and Bale) were just done with this franchise... And that's kinda how this movie felt on the whole. Halfway through I was pretty much just ready for it to be over.

And really "your real name is ROBIN"? So, what, is he gonna fight crime under a monicker like "DICK".... or "DICK MAN"?

So, thanks Nolan for those first two films... But now it's official: My body is ready for a TRULY BOMBASTIC Batman, suspended a bit from reality, with a touch of GOTH PLZ. Enough with the patented sterile bureaucracy of the Nolan Bat Films. Take a cue from Marvel: STANK & SWAGGER THAT SHIT UP.


*** *** *** *** 

*** *** *** ***

ADDENDUM (7/22/12): I REALIZED I focused a lot on the fanboy aspects of Batman, his cool factor, his gadgets, etc. I didn't get TOO CRAZY about the story of RISES in this review-- mostly coz it's an overcomplicated, uninteresting mess (and/or retreaded material already done in BEGINS or DARK KNIGHT)-- But I will say one thing that kind of sums up my entire feelings about the story in RISES:

- If Batman's entire "redemption" hinges on him making a JUMP a little girl made years before... Um. Uh... No offense to little girls but... This is fucking Batman. PRETTY SURE Batman can jump as far as a little girl.

*** *** *** ***

*** *** *** ***

ADDENDUM 2 (7/22/12): I've decided to compile a list of the individual, unique COOL FACTORS of all 3 Nolan Batman films (excluding things that were in all 3 movies like Morgan Freeman & Gary Oldman, The Tumbler):

- Batman Begins: Liam Neeson (+5), Ken Watanabe (+2 (he's not in it that much)), Ninjas (+5), Tom Wilkinson as Carmine Falcone (+5), Original Batsuit (+5), Katie Holmes giving a great performance (SORRY HATERS +5), "DO I LOOK LIKE A COP?" (+5)


- Dark Knight: Heath Ledger's Joker (+10), Aaron Ekhart as Harvey Dent / Two Face (+5), Eric Roberts as Sal Maroni (+5), Maggie Gyllenhaal (+5), New Batsuit (+5), Batpod (+1), CELL PHONE BAT SONAR (+5), "WHY SO SERIOUS?" (+20)


- Dark Knight Rises: Tom Hardy as Bane (+2 (you never get to see his luscious lips so that hurts his score), Marion Cotillard as the TOO OBVIOUS Talia Al Guhl (+1), THE BAT (+1), Football Explosion Scene (+5), pubey little boy singing preceding scene (-5), Joseph Gordon Levitt (+5), Joseph Gordon Levitt being in the movie more than Batman (-10), No new Batsuit (-1), Alfred disappearing 1/3 into the movie (-5), Commissioner Gordon also playing a major back-seat role (-5)

TOTAL: -12


You can't argue that Hardy's Bane was any more villainous or sinister than Ledger's Joker, or Ekhart's Two-Face. Ya just can't. 

we miss u (hey look! it's Joker in a Nurse's uniform! Yet more iconic imagery laced with the STANKY SWAGGER you'd find in the first 2 films, that is totally absent in RISES)

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Oh hay whattap LJ. I was passionate about reviving this account for 24 hours. Then I forgot.

Anywayyzzzzz since last we talked Sharknife 2 and reprinted 1 haz come out and it has all been good times.

I really only want to update today-- coz I've been doing a lot of groundword / chizzling / writing the expansive whole large sharknife universe and where it's going, but also, specific, tiny things. getting crazy into writing mode




3 pretty self-contained stories in 1 book

here's the plot synopsisisess for each. though of course more stuff happens than is simply implied. still these simple things are fun to write out.

no matter how esoteric you make your crafts, you should be able to explain them in 1 or 2 sentences. i'm constantly trying to keep sharknife on that keel.

Anyway yeah


- Tango 1. "Street Swords"
Ceasar tries to break up a potential rumble on the streets; succeeds only in redirecting the ire of rival restaurant owner Ronin Olsin's savage Were-Papillon, Chloe.

- Tango 2. "Speed Dive"
A stylish young couple venture recklessly into the ocean depths, only to uncover the undersea zoo of Hadaal Uunden, world-famous chef and secret SHARKNIFE hero!

- Tango 3. "Shiin"
Raymond Momuza, creator of the Guangdong Factory, hosts a secret rendezvous with Ceasar, Chieko & Ombra to explain the secrets of their Daring Powers, and what the future holds for them.
Avez White


totally so easy for me to stay up all night working on comic book things
and contemplate about how i must improve
have commissions due for a couple people
gotta send out packages of stuff to more people
also have to pencil a page of XXXXXXXXXXX project
must prepare for art show happening in a month and a half
must also prepare for emerald city comic con shennanigans
must sell that book / those books
must finish layered jacket 3 in roughly a month's time
after ECCC, a whole new dimension begins
sharknife 3 in full steam
try to bang that out quick, mebbe a 2013 release??
ideal situation, get shark 3 sealed up midway thru 2012, so i can start on a brand new project to fill the gap. hopefully some PENG, too!

WAAAAUGH. but on today, i have stayed up all night (ti's 8:30 am). and it's snowing outside. i guess a snow day is as good as any to sleep all day. i'll try to be outta bed by 2

livin the dream
Avez White


Taken from Inechi's LJ. Think I did this last year, too...

1. What did you do in 2011 that you'd never done before?
Made my own t-shirts... Decided to start eating / being more healthy.

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I think last year it may have been to finish Sharknife 2? I did that. Next year I'd like to finish the 3rd one, and make more comix. Mebbe at least 4 finished comic storiez.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?

4. Did anyone close to you die?

5. What countries did you visit?
none. need passport.

6. What would you like to have in 2012 that you lacked in 2011?
more involvement in the active comix scene.

7. What date from 2011 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
finishing Sharknife 2.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
same answer.

9. What was your biggest failure?
hmmm... nothing really. think I did ok this year.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
i got cut at the thai place i worked at. can't remember if that was this year or last year. oh yeah, that also goes for "things that happened first time this year"-- I GOT STITCHEZ

11. What was the best thing you bought?
I'm pretty into my RED PSP.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
hmmm... i dunno, mebbe my bud Brandon Graham who always knows how to calm me down when i freak out, and explain the bright side when comix seem bleak

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
ahahha UMMM some people

14. Where did most of your money go?
rent... layered jacket 2 printing, printing other stuff.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
fffffinishing sharknife 2. hahahahahaaaahaha

16. What song will always remind you of 2011?
cults "abducted", amy winehouse...

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
i. happier or sadder? happier, for sure. finished crucial projects, moving toward bright future
ii. thinner or fatter? possibly "bigger" but i wouldn't say "fatter"...
iii. richer or poorer? about the same. got a couple good gigs tho

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
get passport, travel. more comix. more drawing in general.

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
stay inside... be antisocial. but, y'know, you gotta get work done sometimes.

20. How will you be spending Christmas?

21. Did you fall in love in 2011?
naaahhh... well, i got a pretty big crush.

22. How many one-night stands?
one, two, maybe three? one definitely glorious one.

23. What was your favorite TV program?
GAME OF THRONES!!!!!!!!!!!! forever and ever. Parks & Recreation close 2nd.

24. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?

25. What was the best book you read?
GAME OF THRONESSSS!!!!!!! been listening to the audiobooks. oh, Ender's Game. Actually read that one.

26. What was your greatest musical discovery?
cults... getting back into the rapture... finally truly appreciating Amy Winehouse's awesomeness...

27. What did you want and get?
make stuff like t-shirts, prints, sustain off of my online store

28. What did you want and not get?
a true comix epiphany to catapult me to the level i want to be at...

29. What was your favorite film of this year?
i just watched DRIVE, which was awesome... but my choice has gotta be ATTACK THE BLOCK. that movie really surprised me with it's originality & good timez wit

30. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
got drunk with friends up the street. i explained how important it is for us to "build pyramids". a couple of friends reminded me of this inspirational speech the next day. I turned 29.

31. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
having a awesome girl friend? maybe? having a solid creative team to enforce my creative goals...

32. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2011?
blah. t-shirts, jeans, shoes.

33. What kept you sane?
friends, video games, good entertainment, ebt card, weed

34. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
pretty into Amy Winehouse right now

35. What political issue stirred you the most?
i guess occupy was pretty entertaining.

36. Who did you miss?
my grandma. my friend Mark.

37. Who was the best new person you met?
i met some cool video game people at PAX. ummm... mmmm......... yeah

38. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2011.

39. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.
"I got the swag and it's pumpin' out my ovaries"
- Kreayshawn
Avez White


Whattup, mufuckin LIVEJOURNAL?

Tweeting's ok. Facebook's too REAL. "Blogs" are meant to be professional and focused or whatever (OR AT LEAST I THINK SO). And Tumblr is great, but she's a slut. SO HEY. LIVEJOURNAL. I'm coming back to you for all-important personal ramblings and hand-in-hand guidance from those of you, the elite, who are still amongst us.


So yes, as I stated earlier this year SHARKNIFE 2 IS DONE WOO. It's coming out early next year in MARCH WORLDWIDE in time for the Emerald City Comic Con here in Seattle. You should get it. It's pretty sweet. First book is also being reprinted so the NEW GENERATION that has MISSED OUT ON THE CLASSIC CRAZE OF SHARKNIFE-- will finally get their chance.


I have a thing called SPEED DIVE. But in truth it's full name is "SHARKNIFE: SPEED DIVE" aka "SHARKNIFE: SD"


yeap. whaut?


So yeah. Things look a lil different here, NEH??? Actually, they are. Sharknife: SD is intended to be a spinoff / one-shot Sharknife side-story. Wiiiithhhh.... A new Sharknife? Yeah. I've had the idea kicking in my brain [for years], and now I'm like, doing it.

What's the deal behind a "NEW" Sharknife? Is there a reason? In fact, there is. It's something in store for future Sharknife tales.

The idea for this is for it to also be a standard-size comic book (PENG format). Wanted to give Sharknife more of a bigger SPLASH NO PUN INTENDEDLOL. But yeah, there's also lots of water in this one, unlike Sharknife past.

I've been pretty way into water in my comics recently. Here's the first page of LAYERED JACKET 3 which shows LJ surfing.

Yeah that top title thing is totally Brandon Graham inspired. You guyz seen his work he rulez? He's also one of the strongest proponents of Corey Lewis Surfing Comics, so I think this will be a good year for him in his enjoyment of SUCH!!!!!!!

I'm drawing SURFING in something else but I already forgot... Oh no yeah, there's some in Speed Dive. But it's different and kinda awesome. Actually it's the scene I'm on next. SWEET.

I have to finish LJ3 during January. Planning on doing a KICKSTARTER for it's printing in Feb, with a March debut. Sell it online and WHAT NOT. LJ1 + 2 sales online have gone well. I feel like my own mini comix publisher. So yeah, I'm really enjoying pursuing LJ. It's amazing how tough it is just to make ONE ISSUE A YEAR. Although in my defense I'm also working on various other craps. And actually, like LJ2, I usually produce an issue in like one month, relatively last minute so-- NBD, FORGET I LIVEJOURNALED THAT.


So things in REY CAMP are progressing decently. Sharknife revitalization, the New Warrior (Layered Jacket) still going strong.

I am also bringing these kids back in a new mini-adventure about Hackey Sack:

Plans are somewhat vague, but PENG will be back, too. I believe there will be a reprint. Probably with this story (to start), and then the original comic, and I'm hoping to conclude it with another new PENG story. Probably about PING-PONG, called PENG-PONG. Which I've talked about in the past.

So a new PENG reprint would essentially be a mini-anthology of sports comix. The idea here is to pump it up so it can have a spine and be a "book" and all that. Although my tactile senses still prefer a sick matte-cover saddle-stitched jumbo comic issue (THB6 intha house), the archivability of a square bound graphic novel cannot be DISPUTED!


So yeah, lots of SHIT knocking around in my realm. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with, hence why TYPING THIS ALL OUT HELPS. I know it's not always of SOUND MIND to "announce projects", but hey, THIS IS LIVEJOURNAL. LIVEJOURNAL DOES NOT PLAY BY YOUR RULEZ.

Plus, drawing these things studiously under a rock with no communication to the outside world is not congruent with my operations. I like you guyz knowing what I'm up to, a bit. I guess I play it up too much sometimes, or at least just with Double Z. But hey, GET HYPE, OR GET OUTTA MY FACE!!!!!! All I'm sayin iz, comix needs more hype anyway. C'mon nerds, get gangsta up in here.


Ok, I think that's all I'll reveal about PROJEX for today... There is more. There is some brand new UNSEEN shit (unless you post on Gingerbox). But that may be pushing it and I'll save that for a later date.

Whattap Livejournal <3 <3 <3
Avez White


So apparently the JAWS ride at universal studios is shutting down.

The idea of this ride always scared the crap outta me.

I'll admit, despite my deep personal bond with our aquatic ballistic missile brethren, SHARKS freakin' scare the crap outta me.

"So why would you be afraid of the ride then?" you may ask... Since, you know, it's not a real shark, it's just a robo-shark...

WELL, the idea of a LIFELESS, ROBOTIC SHARK, is EVEN MORE TERRIFYING TO ME!! And it's like-- nevermind that it's essentially a prop. That robotic shark looks equipped with all the things that would normally do shark damage. The teeth, the girth, the BLACK EYES-- BLACK LIKE A DOLL'S EYES. And not SEEMINGLY LIFELESS-- but TRULY LIFELESS. A goddamn golem of human creation waiting to engulf me.

So yeah, never been on that ride. Never really wanted to. Too scared.

In fact, even when they talk about it in MALLRATS, as it being a "romantic thing" "when Jaws pops outta the water"-- it still creeps me out.

Avez White




Been meaning to make a multi-purpose blog post of awesome, but have been so personally busy with so many different things and and and and and


Sharknife Double Z

224 pages of beastly SHARK NINJA ACTION is ready to drop all up on y'allz. WHEN WILL IT BE OUT? I don't know for certain, but early 2012 is likely. Oni Press. w00t w00t

Went down to portland, debuted a new comic called "We Are the Broken Ones" (written by Vincent Lavious).

Broken Ones

You can read it here.


I am working on two short story comic projects at the moment.

1) "THE GOOD AND THE FOWL" - A completely random short story starring LJ (from Layered Jacket) and another one of my MAIN CHARACTERS (as yet unnamed).

Not up to read yet, but here's a preview thingy:


2) "SPEED DIVING" - Another pretty random short story. This one will be slightly lengthier than FOWL or BROKEN ONES. This one aint up yet, either, but here's a couple sample images:

New Thing

No rest for the REY. STAY TUNED DUDEZZ

%%% // END REBLOG %%%

Now to more personal LJ-SPECIFIC RAMBLINGS





anyway. whut? whut?


So yeah, finished SHARKNIFE DOUBLE Z. IT IS MONUMENTOUS, AINT GON LIE. sometimes i slip into the common SLUMP these days still-- but then i remember i seriously don't have to worry about this book anymore (aside from some post-production tweaks, likely) and it feel FUUUUUCKING GREAT. LIBERATING. ONE MORE YEAR OF MY 20'S TO CELEBRATE.

so far, i'm celebrating by getting right into new projects, as mentioned above.

GOOD AND THE FOWL is just a lil 5 page joke comic featuring LJ from Layered Jacket (and another fun cameo from another guy creation of mine almost forgotten). but im DOIN IT UP in the color process, so it may turn out looking way cooler than it has a right to. just finished drawing it, completely, yesterday.

SPEED DIVING i'm intentionally keeping kinda vague, coz it's more than what it seems. YOU'LL SEE

and now that GOOD/FOWL is done drawing, i'm getting into thumbing my next "serious" graphic novel. it's gonna be a 1-shot, roughly PENG sized (likely a bit larger). but it's an entirely new concept, characters, etc, than anything i've done before.

it has to do with pop stars and shit, so it's been fun digging up glitz & glamor reference.

if what i crave in my life beyond my "lust for comics" is glitz and glamor attention from attractive celebrities, I might as well make a comic featuring them, so i can manipulate them to my liking. EH? yeah. anyway, it's more than just pop stars. y'all will see.

so ya, my plan is to poop out some random short stories in POST-DUB-Z world. starting with FOWL, moving on to SPEED DIVING and then a big movement with new pop-star project.

FOWL & SPEED DIVING will be debuting on a new ONLINE COMICS SITE that will also see the return of GINGERBOX. all things which are very close to actual completion, and very actual ready usage for you. i'm very excited to get these things brought back. the world needs them.

it's been sunny here lately. here's a great summertime jam that my bud chad walker plugged me: