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The ever-awesome BILLY interviewed me last time I was in Vancouver, Canada. Here's his amazing footage. He makes me seem pretty intelligent and like-able. Heh heh...

I got kinda apprehensive when he mentioned PINAPL. heh. I can't wait for that comic, but it's impossible to think about it now ::::::::::::::

And, I'm kinda slow on this, but Myspace Comics has me featured on there, along with another video interview (click on the Rosario Dawson interview-- I'm right after her. Tough act to follow)

omg I am so sick of myself. omg.

Random note: I've decided to split Sharknife 2 into 3 sections... It will all still be one book. But with 3 distinct catergories within the book. I just decided I'm really no good (for sharknife at least) at constructing cohesive long-form narrative shit... so I'm just breaking it up into cool chunks within the book. YOU'LL SEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! It's all going swimmingly, with nowhere to go but awesomer.
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